Ver Naruto Shipuden 223 : Jokes apart, for now everyone is waiting with bated breath to watch Naruto Shippuden episode , as Sasuke seems to be ready to oust and kill Sakura. But, it won’t be a cakewalk for Sasuke, as he will have to confront Kakashi before getting hold of Sakura’s neck.

Ver Naruto Shipuden 223 : So, it is going to be a tough battle ahead. However, Sasuke will display his prowess in the episode to come. But then, he will be restricted and controlled by Kakashi, coupled with Naruto, who will come to Sakura’s rescue.

Ver Naruto Shipuden 223 : The upcoming batch of fun will feature action coupled with suspense and a bit of hullaballoo on the protagonist’s, as well as the antagonist’s part.As we all know, the last installment of the series featured Sasuke’s unremitting attempts to kill Karin. So this time around, Kakashi will help Karin to recover from his injuries.So, this means, Kakashi is going to be everyone’s savior in the soon to be released installment.
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